Will conform to IMCA Rules and Regulations.

In the interest of keeping the classes competitive, all cars running the 2.5 must weight 2500 lbs total with no more than 54% left side weight, and no more than 52% rear weight.. After Race
Any Car running the 2.5 with an Aluminum Head will be accessed a 300 lbs weight difference. 2800 LBS after race.
Any car deemed to have an unfair advantage can be accessed a weight assessment. 
The top three car's from each class will be weighted after the Race. All Car's to be weighted must go to weight area ..
Any car not going to the Scales will be DQ'd , no going to the PIT for any Reason. If your car doesn't make weight you will be DQed.
The Super  Street will weight a MIN of 3000 lbs with no more than 55% left side weight.
Any added weight must be painted WHITE with car # on weight and secured to the Vehicle with nuts and Bolts.  
All car's will follow all other class rules and regulation's for Safety.

Outlaw Mini Stock

Is open to Any American or Foreign made 4 Cylinder Production Sedan or Pickup.

Must run the same Safety Features as the Pony or Mini Stocks.


1. After market bodies legal.

2. Trunk and Engine compartments must be sealed from drivers compartment with a steel fire wall with a MIN. of 18 gauge material.

3. Must have a Min. of three safety / windshield bars in front of the Driver, Min. of 3/8 material.

4. Must have Factory firewall and floor pan extending past the Driver compartment.


1. After market springs and shocks are Allowed.

2. Lowering blocks and weight jacks are Allowed

3. Strut style Cars are permitted to use an Adjustable top plate for Camber and Caster adjustment.

4. Frame may be tied together with box tubing or bye an X member under the Chassis.

5. Must run Stock style Steering.NO AFTER MARKET RACK AND PINIONS ALLOWED.


1. After market head(s) allowed

2. Duel Overhead Cams allowed with no more than 2 spark plugs. Porting and Polishing allowed.

3. Must be a Factory OEM Block NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. After market cranks allowed, Knife edging allowed.

5. After market rods and pistons allowed. No compression limit.

6. Any after market Intake and Exhaust allowed. Must run a Muffler.


1. If Injected must run the Factory injection system, with an oil pressure cut off switch.

2. Any two barrel Carburetor not to exceed 500 CFM is allowed.

3. May remove the choke butterflies and shaft.


1. Can be Tested at any time during a race weekend.

2. Must run an approved Fuel Cell.