Available: 1 

Special Events Sponsor

Available: 3 

We have 3 special events currently planned for 2015, and are working on a 4th.  These will be large fan and racers attended events with a great deal of extra promotion done for these events.  These events will be promoted well beyond the boundaries of the local area since we will have entrants from surrounding counties and states.  These will be very exciting and large attendance events, with additional payouts for racers. See the events page for the latest update on Special Events.

Season Sponsorship

Available: 1 

This opportunity would be perfect for a local community business that wants a value to capture the audience each night throughout the season.  This will be a headline sponsor for all advertising, web based promotion, and event promotion.  The only exclusion would be for special events, in this case it would be a combined advertisement with the special event sponsor.  Eight nights of continuous campaigning and advertising for your business!  Numerous live reads through the event combined with consistent exposure on our website, face book and printed advertisement of the racing season.

Nightly Sponsorship

Available: 7 

If you would like to make a statement about your company, this is the way to do it.  A night of racing sponsorship would be your business spotlighted for the entire evening of racing, over 3 1/2 hours of domination for you to promote the services and products you offer to our community.  This is a great way to support these events that have been a tradition in the Yampa Valley for over 35 years.  The average fan count at the Hayden Speedway for 2014 was higher than both the Olathe track and Vernal track combined!  And that was our first year back!! 

Season Class Sponsorship

Available: 5 

Class sponsorship will be have 5 opportunities to market your business each night as we announce their entrance.  This will be a great opportunity to have your business mentioned throughout the night for the driver intro's for each class, the heat races, main event races, main event races and the winners circle for each win in these classes.  Live mentions also as they enter and exit the field for each part of the night.  With multiple classes and races each night and eight events planned for 2015, this is a value for advertising with over 500 people per night average at these races, and 8 races – where else can talk to half of the county for this low of a cost?

Winner Circle Sponsor

You cannot get much better than the winner's circle!  This will include a digital color banner with your company name, logo and any other information you would like to display.  Phone number, address, etc.. This area is prime real estate for advertising your business since it is front and center in the infield just across from the finish line.  This is where drivers pull up onto a raised platform and park in front of your banner after each heat race, main event, and feature event to collect their trophies, take their picture for the website, and talk to the crowd.    This is a great location to make sure your business is noticed!

Backstretch Billboard

Available: 12 

These advertisements will be fixed signage on the backstretch of the Hayden Speedway! This is a 12' X 8' ad that will be in direct line of sight for all patrons to see for the nightly events.  This is a hot spot of activity for racing since this is the fastest section of the track as the drivers come off of turn 2 down the back of the speedway at speeds of 70 mph plus average keep fans attention on this action packed area.  Color graphics and a great location means large exposure for your company for customers to see each night of racing and throughout our 2015 season.

Infield Banner

Available: 20 

These are a 4' X 8' digitally produced color banners with your business logo, and content that will be displayed on the infield for all to see the entire night as the event is being held.  We had over 15 companies take advantage of this last year and had tremendous success.  The cost of producing the banner is included in the sponsorship.  You send us what you would like on this, a business card, or company logo and text, we will produce and sent it back to you for approval and then display this banner each night as we race for our fans, and your customers to see.

Pit Lane Sponsor

Available: 1 

This is a new opportunity this year that allows you to be advertised each time the cars enter the track from the pit and during opening ceremony, driver introductions, heat races, main events and each time cars come on the track for their class.  This will be an ideal advertising avenue where we have 10 plus entries a night that cars come onto the track to compete.  A great opportunity for you to promote your business continuously and throughout the night from start to finish!

The Candy Dash!

Available: 1 

This part of the evening events is a kid favorite.  Between the heat races and the main events, any and all willing children head down to the track surface and race 150 feet for a chance to grab their share of candy spread across the finish line.  This has been a Hayden Speedway tradition for all the years and truly a crowd favorite!  Its is fun to watch and truly a honor for us to continue this tradition for the kids that enjoy the racing.

Seating Area Sponsor

Available: 8 

We have 9 bleacher style seating areas that hold 50 fans in each section.  Last year we were excited as we had certain seating areas fill up more than others as fans picked their sponsor to support and also the sponsors used their passes to allow employees and friends to attend the events last season.   This is a great opportunity for you to have your business name fixed to a bleacher that fans will sit by and pass by throughout the night as the event is going on.  Also, a very cost effective way to reward you employees to enjoy a night of racing and interact with potential customers and gather with fellow race fans.

Trivia Sponsor

Available: 1 

Each night we offer 10 chances to answer a trivia question and the first correct answer wins a prize.  This can be anything from a gift card to your business, a promotional item, a t-shirt, or any other idea you may have to promote the goods and services your business offers to the community.   For 2014 this was an extremely popular part of our nightly events with people lining up at the announcers booth ready to answer the questions each night.  We also have a roaming staff member who takes the microphone throughout the facility to ensure everyone gets to have fun with this!

Jr. Fan Club

Available: 10 

This is an opportunity for you to support the racing tradition for the kids!!  There are 10 partners in this program that offers children under 12 to become members of a special club that includes:
- Season pass to the track
- Jr Fan Club shirt: Sponsors listed on the back of the shirt and ID card
-  Membership lanyard and picture ID individualized for each member

This a simple and low cost way for your business to become a sponsor and supporter of the 2015 race season.  We will scan your business card into our sponsor page and add a link from your card to your business.  If you want to be part of the excitement of dirt track racing in a low cost, but effective way, this is it.  We had over 3500 hits to our site last season, and that was just our first year.  With more advertising, and a much farther reach as drivers and fans come from farther away to participate this year, this is a great way for you to drive business to you whether you are a small business or large.  A great value for a small investment!!

Available: 35 

Business Card Ad

Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors!


We ask your support as we renovate and update the Hayden Speedway and bring back a 35 year iconic tradition to the Yampa Valley!! The track has been operating and has been a favorite family fun spot from 1978 through 2010 when it closed due to maintenance and financial needs.  We have worked with the Town of Hayden and various people and have put together a plan for the Speedway to be self sufficient and operate for many more years to come.  A key part of this plan, as with any business, is the support of our community to join us in this racing tradition for all to enjoy the sport and passion of racers and fans alike. We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities for your business to be part of the Speedway that will benefit both entities. Your sponsorship will include a variety of print, radio, and nightly live promotions for fans and racers  to see and hear nightly about your business name, services, and products YOU offer to the Yampa Valley, while showing your support in Hayden Speedway!! 

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